University Program Council

I have spent two years working with University Program Council, and you can read more about my roles here! During my time as a Graphic Design Executive, I was tasked with coming up with promotional designs for our campus-wide events. The events all have a different theme and different style, but some similar components.

This are examples of the traditional print/digital designs I created for the events. Additionally a lot of these posters were translated into different formats: for example, a horizontal TV display, or a sticker to be used on coffee sleeves. This was a big deal for me because this was the first time I was seeing my designs around campus on a large scale. If I had the opportunity to do these again there are some things I would change, but I was very proud of how these came out in general and how they reflect my personal design style while promoting the event!

Housing and Residence Life

I have been working with Housing and ResLife for three (!!!) years now, and my main role has nothing to do with design (read about it here!). However, you can't take the designer out of me, no matter what job I'm in. So whenever opportunities came up to some design work for my job, I was happy to oblige.

I've made posters for upcoming events and programs that my residence hall was hosting. As I got farther into my Housing and ResLife career I was also simultaneously getting better at my graphic design skills, so this also serves as an evolution of sorts, especially when compared to my most recent class work. These projects are always fun, though, because they are not for any sort of grade, so I have pretty much unlimited creative freedom. Freedom is fun and a nice release from the normal constraints.