Maxie McCoy



Maxie McCoy is a woman on a mission to inspire billions. Her website,, houses much of the brilliant content that Maxie uses to inspire people to follow their dreams, including worksheets, conversation starters, blog posts, and more. My role is designing the pieces that Maxie authors so that they can be dispersed and used by many to turn ideas into action.

In general, I am responsible for:

  • Creation of print and digital collateral products to compliment the website and Maxie brand and projects
  • Using the outline of the Maxie style to come up with innovative color and style combinations to create fresh-yet-consistent styles
  • Organizing large quantities of raw content to create comprehensive, branded deliverables

Levo League


Levo is an incredible company that aims to empower individuals to make connections and build a life they love by giving them the tools they need to make it happen. Levo is a source of inspiration and direction when it feels like frustration and inaction is the only choice. I was so grateful to work with them on their Career Guides project, creating these worksheets that would be used by people as they take charge of creating an inspiring life.

I was directly responsible for:

  • Creation of interactive, writable PDF worksheets to be used in conjunction with their online content
  • Taking Levo brand standards and applying them in a fresh, effective manner
  • Worked closely with Levo senior director to communicate style and function needs