Education // Ohio University

I'm a proud alum of Ohio University, Class of 2016

Photos by the incredible  Niara

Photos by the incredible Niara

During my time at OU, these are some of the academic things I did!



Ohio University, Scripps College of Communication

  • E.W. Scripps School of Journalism // Bachelor of Science in Journalism: Strategic Communication
  • School of Visual Communication // Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication: Infographics and Publication Design
  • Spanish Minor

Study Abroad:

Trips I took, both abroad and domestic, with school programs

  • Art History / London, England / Winter Break 2014
  • Storytelling in Theme Parks / Orlando, FL / Winter Break 2015
  • Sports Journalism Multimedia Reporting / Buenos Aires, Argentina / Spring Break 2016


Relevant coursework from my majors, minors, + certificate

  • JOUR 1330: Precision Language for Journalists
  • VICO 1000: Introduction to Studies in Visual Communication
  • VICO 1014: Introduction to Visual Communication Design
  • VICO 1021: Introduction to Visual Communication Photography
  • VICO 1115: Visual Communication Design I
  • JOUR 2500: Introduction to Strategic Communication
  • VICO 2161: Interactive I: Web Design
  • VICO 2435: Picture Editing
  • JOUR 1050: Introduction to Mass Communication
  • VICO 2162: Interactive II: HTML and CSS
  • VICO 2400: Illustration I
  • MKT 2020: Marketing Principles
  • JOUR 2311: Multiplatform Reporting
  • MDIA 2900: Introduction to Social Media
  • VICO 3111: Visual Communication Design II
  • COMS 3200: Communication and New Technology
  • VICO 3115: Visual Communication Design III
  • JOUR 3400: Strategic Communication Research and Theory
  • MDIA 4120: Advanced Social Media
  • COMM 4023: Storytelling and Theme Parks
  • JOUR 3700: Strategic Communication Writing
  • JOUR 4710: Public Relations Planning
  • JOUR 4860: Strategic Communication Capstone
  • VICO 4112: Illustration Capstone

And some fun facts:

This is what I looked like for most of college... always on my phone dealing with something!

This is what I looked like for most of college... always on my phone dealing with something!

  • You need 120 credits to graduate, or 135 for double majors. I graduated with 164 😳  (I just really like learning!)

  • One of the classes that I really loved that surprised me was my Shakespeare in Film class.

  • I finished my Spanish minor my junior year, and my favorite class I took was Spanish Art History

  • I avoided hard math and science classes like the plague... I took Natural Disasters and American Forestry to satisfy my science requirements, and managed to scrape by in Microeconomics and Statistics for math