Collaboration Project // class project

For this project we were paired with a commercial photography student and we had to plan/photograph/design an entire spread. A lot of people did food. Some did fashion. I did office supplies (😍). I was inspired by Real Simple magazine's clean and bright style, and I was so excited to get to showcase my all-time favorite aqua office supplies from Poppin (which are just perfection). Honestly, this was one of my favorite projects of my college career. Just so fun!

For our second spread, we went a little more dramatic. I love the way the lighting makes the gold and turquoise stand out so starkly against the black background, and I really love the contrast of the wooden branch and the shiny jewelry! This was much more difficult to shoot, so shoutout to my partner, Elizabeth, for her dedication. (you can't see if, but we attached fishing wire to the turtle necklace and I'm off on the side holding it in an attempt to keep the turtle facing the camera haha #truestory). 

This project proved challenging because we were responsible for every single aspect. It was also interesting to work with someone so closely, and to be so reliant on them in order to do your part of the project. Finding a shared creative vision can be tough, but is extra rewarding when you produce something that you both love!

Columbus Dispatch // class project

This project was a completely self-driven feature of our choice for Life and Arts section of the Columbus Dispatch. We worked with Charlie Zimkus, who works at the Dispatch, to brainstorm a topic that would be relevant to people in the Columbus market, but also wouldn't personally bore us to death. I decided to focus my story on the idea of coworking in the Columbus area, something that I have always been intrigued by and wanted to learn more about. 

I researched any/all coworking spaces in Columbus, emailing and making phone calls to the owners and founders, and then wrote all of the content myself. I did the design (of course) and coordinated the cover spread and interior page to match. I spent a lot (a looooot) of time refining both pages, and was very proud with the final project.


Washington Post // class project

The cool thing about this project was that we were using actual WaPo stories and getting to interpret them in our own way. Which is really exciting! But also intimidating. Because many of these stories have already been done in really incredible, creative ways, so there is a lot to live up to. 

My professor encouraged us to "go big" with these covers. Do some out-of-the-box thinking to convey the concept or story in a unique and persuasive way. I went through many iterations with these covers, but in the end I had to learn to trust my gut (like putting Drake on the cover of The Washington Post). I started with the ideas of specific elements I wanted to incorporate and went from there. I love the how the graphic style ended up for all of these, and if you ignore Drake's ugly hands (still working on that), everything came together pretty well in the end.


Red Eye // class project

Red Eye is a sister publication to the Chicago Tribune, which is aimed at an audience of 18-34 year olds. Having this specific of an audience was a cool opportunity to do something a little bit more "fresh" than a traditional publication. Again we were given some of the real stories, but the twist was that these were upcoming Red Eye stories, meaning our designs could be potentially chosen for actual use in an upcoming publication. How cool! Mine did not win, but it is still so cool to see my classmates' work published IRL!

My original vision for these drinks was a cubism-esque style, which honestly didn't even look as good as I hoped, and also took forever to do. So, back at square one, I took everything down a notch and went back to a basic, flat design, which is something I enjoy doing (and like to believe I am relatively good at). The graphics, with simple typography, convey the story in a straighforward, but fresh, way. Cheers to that!


Old House Journal // class project

For my design class we worked with ___ from Old House Journal to create our own spread from a selection of stories, while understanding and utilizing OHJ's brand standards. We had no lack of inspiration: OHJ is a well-designed publication with distinctive styling and hand-lettered elements. 

I had to choose the "Doors" story from a variety of options, and from there I had to edit the selection of photos and content to fit my spread. Working from the style guide, I decided the ordering and layout of all the spreads. Additionally, I created hand-drawn type and then digitized it in Illustrator for the opening page, also using elements throughout the story. This was a fun project to challenge myself in working within a style while adding my own flair.


Scottsdale Repbulic // class project

This assignment was supposed to challenge us to take a simple topic and create an engaging image. The stories were given to us and we had to choose from the enthralling subjects such as historic rainfall, architecture, sex education in schools, etc. We had two "out-of-the-box" ideas and one "straightforward" idea, which was simply strategically laying text over a photo.

The flooding and the sex-ed stories were my "creative" interpretations, and the architecture story was the more basic, photo-and-text spread. I had a list of projects to choose from and went through numerous iterations of my creative ideas. This was a balance of knowing when to add more versus when to let minimalism shine. Working with a broad family of typefaces to create contrast yet consistency was another tough moment, but it is a good kind of challenge.