Ryors Scholars

Ryors Hall is one of the residence halls I worked in during my time at Ohio University. The building director, aka my former boss, asked if I would help her create the designs for a new, year-long initiative they were starting, focusing on scholarship, character, and friendship within the new freshmen residents of the building (as you can tell from the logo haha).

The main point of inspiration was this really old crest we found sitting in the staff office. My boss wanted me to encompass the feelings that came from the formal crest, but in a fresh, light way. After all, these are just college freshmen, not a secret society! I showed her a lot of color and font combinations, and this is what we landed on. 

Monica Anne Photography

I'm a little bit biased because she is my BFF, but Monica is one of the best/sweetest/most skilled ladies out there. She has been doing photography since high school and has really taken it to the next notch in college, and she deserved a website that was beautiful yet simple enough to let her photos do all the talking.

I helped her setup her Squarespace and Godaddy accounts to claim her little space on the web, helped her design her logo and simple design elements for her site and for Facebook, and overall provided assistance and moral support throughout the process. I'm so proud of you, Mon!


Housing and Residence Life

I worked over the summer with the Department of Housing and Residence Life at Ohio University to create a manual for the Assistant Resident Director job position. The ARD role was a brand new position, created out of the combination of two old positions and some new responsibilities. My job, with two other students, was researching and writing the position manual, as well as physically designing the 46-page book. 

Working for three months, my coworkers and I gathered research on current job expectations and procedures and began outlining the skeleton of the new manual. We interacted with professional staff within Housing to make sure and cover any of their requirements, as well as working with fellow students (the people who actually DO this job) to take any of their suggestions into consideration. And then the actual design process happened. And kept happening. And was edited and refined until we had the perfect manual to be professionally printed and handed out to 30+ Assistant Resident Directors. This was the ultimate labor of love, and as an ARD myself, I am so happy to have an effective (and well-made!) job manual.

University Program Council

University Program Council is the programming board I'm a part of at Ohio University, first as a designer and then as Director of Communications. As a designer I was charged with coming up with apparel ideas for our executive board.

I designed multiple similar-yet-different elements to be used on a tee shirt with a pocket, long sleeve shirt, and quarter zip sweatshirt. I worked to make sure all the elements would print correctly (not easy with a pocket tee!), were cheap, and would appeal to males and females . I'm really proud of how they turned out!