Jess Goes Global: Argentina, Part Two

Miércoles / Wednesday

While the entire trip was a blast, it was also a wee bit exhausting, so I was more than grateful for a day off on Wednesday.

Slow, coffee-filled morning 🙌🏻

Enjoyed a quiet, relatively uneventful day

Jueves / Thursday

Thursday was a busy day filled with more educational opportunities... in fact, we visited two journalism schools in Buenos Aires! It was so interesting to learn about how the university system is set up here and how their journalism students are trained.

A tradition for graduating students is to celebrate by throwing paint/silly string/RAW EGGS (!) at them in the courtyard. Other than the smell it was sweet!

Views from escuela

Next we went to the Argentine Olympic Committee Museum, which was SO COOL! They had medals and torches and objects dating back many many Olympics. 

these are actual torches!!

and these are actual medals!!

And then we stopped for gelato, because of course. (I ate a lot of gelato on this trip 🙈)

Looks weird, tastes good. Dulce de leche with brownie pieces, strawberry topping and pecans. 

Plus we saw lots of dogs, always a win.

Viernes / Friday

On Friday (our last full day!) we took a thirty minute drive out of the city of Buenos Aires to a town called Tigre, which sits on the Tigre River (Río Tigre). We walked around a little, went on a boat tour, and overall just relaxed on our last day, which was much needed. (Oh, and the weather was PERFECT that day... even better!)

My roomies and I on the boat!

Spotted a colorful amusement park

School on the river... that's a boat bus!

And we ended our trip with another traditional Argentinian meal, but this one was DIY! We made our own empandas, learned about how to get our steak cooked, and made our own alfajores, a traditional dessert with dulce de leche layered between two sugar cookies, dipped in chocolate. And we tried yerba mate, which was an experience, lemme tell ya.

The entrance to the bar.

Everything was dark and mysterious and way too cool for me.

Oh, and that night we went to a speakeasy. Argentinian nightlife is something else (I'm a grandma and can't stay awake), but this was one of the most unique bars I've ever visited.

Sábado / Saturday

And home we go. We had a little sightseeing time in the morning, but then we left for the airport in the afternoon to start our 4-part journey home (Buenos Aires ✈️ Santiago, Chile ✈️ Toronto, Canada ✈️ Columbus, Ohio 🚗 Athens, Ohio).

This trip was truly a whirlwind, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I am so grateful for all that I got to do and see in a short week, and all that I learned from my classmates and the people of Buenos Aires. ¡Muchas gracias a todo!

xo, jess