Jess Goes Global: Argentina, Part One

This post is coming late (waaay late) because I went to Argentina over spring break of this school year, which was the last week of February. But! Better late than never, right? Getting caught up on all things blog-related this summer, so here we go!

This is my whole group at dinner / a Tango show on our first night


Sunday / Domingo

I am attempting to recreate the trip and the details as best I can in chronological order, but please forgive me if I goof something up! 

Exploring the San Telmo district + their not-so-little street market.

Exploring the San Telmo district + their not-so-little street market.

The tomb of Eva Perón (!!!)

Lunes / Monday

On Monday we traveled to the unbelievably colorful area of La Boca. Fun fact, la boca literally translates to "mouth," because the port city is located at the mouth of the river (see image below)! Those who know me well understand how obsessed I am with all things colorful, so I was pretty much all 😍😍😍 the entire time.

As if all of this wasn't cool enough, we went and visited a local artisan in his shop, which was such a cool experience. The entire space was vibrant and the art was so full of emotion and life.

The colors!!!

La Boca is also home to one of Buenos Aires biggest fútbol teams, Boca Junior. Soccer is a huge deal culturally in this area, so our trip would not be complete without attending a game! We actually went and saw Boca's rival, River Plate, play later that night!

The atmosphere at these games is INSANE! 

Martes / Tuesday

Tuesday was focused a little bit more on history and politics of Argentina and Buenos Aires, which meant a lot of beautiful, historic sites! Oh, and we ended with a four-course steak and wine dinner, so you can't go wrong there.

La Casa Rosada: mansion + executive office of the President of Argentina

I don't wanna bore you with history and political drama, but basically Plaza de Mayo (aka where this is) has seen many a revolution in it's time. The most interesting history, to me, is the story of The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. Go Google it ASAP!

More historic churches and opera houses and such.

ON TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF (*cough* four course meal!!!*cough*)

This was hands-down the fanciest meal I've ever had the pleasure of partaking in. 

Long story short(ish), Argentina is known for their steak. So, the main focus of this meal with the incredible steak, and all types of meat to go along with it (I ate beef gland, blood sausage, and beef liver (if I remember correctly!)). Every single course had a specialty wine which paired perfectly, and overall it was just an incredible experience. So grateful (and full). 

Okay, I'm declaring this the "halfway" point of my trip and the end of this blog post. Check back for the rest of my adventure here soon!!