Jess Takes A Journey: San Francisco

For the second year in a row, a group of classmates and I decided to go to the Society for News Design Conference, which was held this year in April in San Francisco.

Being from Ohio, we decided that if we were going to travel to the other side of the US, we were gonna make a trip out of it, so we did our best to attend the conference and be tourists at the same time.

San Fran sunset to welcome us the first night

The student day of the conference took place at the Chronicle

The whole OU crew

The first few days were mostly conference-focused, with some sightseeing whenever possible.

Everything was pretty rainy and grey, just as a San Francisco spring typically is.

Even during conference craziness, we managed to have a lot of good food / drinks / coffee 😍


Sunday was our day off, and we had a pretty packed tourist schedule, and me, being the person I am, was really dedicated to the idea of trying out SoulCycle on this trip (we don't have one in Ohio). 

So. 6 AM Sunday I got up, headed off to my class, and got back just in time to meet my friends for breakfast.

Ice cream on my crepe because I didn't just cycle for nothin'

Alcatraz! In-and-Out! Ghiradelli! Trolley! #allgoodthings

Our trolley ride was probably my favorite part of the whole trip.

The sun had just come out after standing, frozen, in line for what felt like foreverrrrr. Our driver was super hilarious. I got to hang off the edge. And the view over Lombard Street was incredible.

Actually, changed my mind. My favorite part is tied for the views of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

We literally hadn't even seen the bridge until the end of our last day, which is laughable. But we chose to go out over/past the bridge to see the views from the other side (shoutout to Maxie for the rec!).

This trip had me jumpin' for joy! And had me already planning what I want to do next time I visit. San Fran, I'm coming back for you!

xo, jess